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Archive for May 2017

Have You Updated Your Marketing Strategy?

marketing, marketing tips, marketing strategy

When it comes to your marketing strategy, doing it the “old-fashioned way” is not a term that you hear very often – and for good reason. Modern marketing is more of a living entity than ever before, constantly changing and evolving. If you haven’t evaluated your business’s marketing strategy within the last year, chances are…

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Tips for Accepting Constructive Criticism

constructive criticism, criticism, feedback, positive feedback, negative feedback

On the road to becoming a successful business owner or entrepreneur, you’re going to encounter constructive criticism. After all, as Elbert Hubbard put it, the only way to avoid criticism is to, “say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Both negative and positive feedback are essential to professional growth and development. That said, that doesn’t make the…

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4 Major Steps of Starting a Small Business

Everyone wants to be their own boss and the best and surest way to do that is by starting a small business. Being a business owner means having the final say on all company decisions, creating a work culture for employees to thrive in, and setting a schedule that works best for you. Knowing that…

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6 Ways to Promote Business Growth

The most successful, stable businesses are ones that prioritize business growth and development. Once a company has survived start-up and created a strong foundation and brand for itself, the logical next step is to expand on what’s already built. There are plenty of ways to grow a business, but the key to successful expansion is…

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