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Archive for October 2017

6 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Every Small Business

halloween, happy halloween, halloween marketing

Halloween-themed marketing isn’t just for pumpkin patches, candy stores, and costume shops. No matter what industry you’re in, every small business can celebrate this spooky holiday (and make some extra money while they’re at it!). Do the Monster Mash and make the most of everyone’s Halloween spirit! Here are six easy and fun Halloween marketing…

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Why Personalization in Marketing is Key

In a constantly evolving industry, it is no secret that marketing efforts have to be new and creative in order to grab the attention of their client base. Every single day new content and marketing channels are coming into the game and overwhelming the consumer, putting brands under constant pressure to capture the attention of…

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5 Ways to Track & Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

competitors, business competition, competition

Understanding and staying ahead of your competitors is one of the key factors in succeeding in the business world. Knowing who your competition is, what they’re planning, where they stand, and where you stand in comparison can make or break a campaign or even a brand as a whole. Here are a few ways to…

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The Benefits of Conducting a SWOT Analysis for Your Business

swot analysis, swot, business analysis, business assessment, business development

Taking the time to analyze, experiment, and draw diagrams to dissect your business, strategies, and predictions can seem complicated and time-consuming. That’s why the best thing you can do is conduct a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is simple enough to conduct in a decent amount of time without a deep understanding of strategy or…

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