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Archive for November 2017

3 Ways to Establish Strong Brand Imagery

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Brand imagery is the perception people have of a brand whenever they see or hear about its work or content.  Matching your image with your target audience allows you to grow and engage with that market.  Who and what do you want to be associated with?  And, more importantly, how are you going to establish…

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Outdated Practices to Avoid in Modern Business

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The business world is constantly evolving and companies must evolve with it in order to maintain a modern business strategy. Technology and the simplistic modern mindset have made many marketing and design techniques irrelevant or ineffective. A successful business should weed through all their systems and revamp or throw out any outdated applications. Here are…

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7 Essentials for a User-Friendly Website

The internet has taken the world by storm, but not everyone has it all figured out. Most target audiences don’t consist solely of tech-savvy millennials – which means businesses need websites that are easy for anyone to use. A user-friendly website isn’t just an extra perk, it’s a necessary element for every brand and a…

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Have Fun with It: How to Liven Up Your Marketing Strategy

marketing popsicles

How you conduct your marketing strategy directly affects how your customers view your brand. If you view it as a tedious and inconvenient task, those feelings are likely coming across in your brand’s voice. Give your business a more approachable and outgoing vibe by infusing some fun into your marketing strategy! Even in a situation…

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