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5 Areas Quality Advertising Impacts

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In a world where consumers have endless options, it’s important to present your brand with a level of quality. Often times, consumers’ first exposure to a product is visual. Being able to make a powerful first impression can be the difference between gaining a lifelong customer or your product collecting dust. Quality advertising reflects different…

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Marketing Campaigns for St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Holidays are the perfect excuse to mix up your business’s usual ad campaigns and have a little fun with them – especially a holiday as joyous and good-natured as St. Patrick’s Day. With shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and more to choose from, Irish culture offers plenty of opportunity for your business to create a…

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Tips for Effectively Utilizing Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the Swiss army knife of the internet. The ways that it can be utilized are as different as the people utilizing it. From grandma down to the grandkids, Facebook has something to offer everyone – and that’s why Facebook Advertising is so effective. Facebook ads give businesses the opportunity to tap into a…

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